Three Different But Equally Important Reasons To Hire Professional Security Guards In 2021


There is definitely a feeling that the last few years have been chaotic. With political upheaval, environmental unrest and a global pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future in every workplace. For many, the thought of hiring security guards in the past seemed unfathomable but the past few years may have changed your opinion. Here are three reasons why you or your company might consider hiring security guards to help you avoid any potential dramatic scenarios you have seen on the news.

29 September 2021

How To Conduct Security Patrols


Security guards conduct regular patrols to assess the workplace and identify and manage security risks. Below is an excerpt detailing the considerations that security guards should make when conducting security patrols. Ultimately, it will help improve the effectiveness of the security patrol.  Identify Site Risks In some cases, you will conduct security patrols at night when there is little or no visibility. As such, it would be wise to consider pre-inspections to identify site risks.

26 March 2021