Are You Prepared for All Types of Security Threat at Your Business?


When you think about securing your workplace, your mind probably turns to intrusion alarms that can protect your assets and property from vandals or burglars when you are not there. You may have the most sophisticated equipment in place to detect an unwanted presence, provide deterrence and notify all stakeholders promptly, but are you sure that you are fully protecting your business from all angles? Why should you consider some of the less common but nevertheless dangerous threats out there?

3 October 2018

Access control: An Appropriate Option for Your Security Needs


One of the most common concerns among business owners and managers, is how to increase security within their premises. Multiple doors in a facility, heavy human traffic and presence of sensitive documents all contribute to increased security concerns. If security within your business premises is a grave concern, you should consider installing access control systems and burglar alarms. These systems also come with advanced security alarms. What are access control systems?

21 February 2018