Security Window Screens Buying Guide


One of the most common ways for burglars to enter your home or business is through smashing a window. One of the ways of deterring burglars from your windows is through installation of security window screens. There is a range of security window screens available in the market today that add a physical barrier to your windows without compromising on the aesthetics. When buying security screens for your windows, it is essential to consider various aspects in order to ensure maximum security is offered.

Meeting country standards

A security screen that has not be verified to meet the country's standards may only secure you against flies and other small flying insects. In Australia, the National Security Screen Association (NSSA) allows installation of security screens of any style and material as long as they meet the prescribed standard for security screens. It is important to ask for a guarantee to ensure that the company complies with these standards.

Type of frame

Security window screens can either be sliding, fixed or hinged, depending on the design of your windows. The commonly used frames for security window screens are aluminium and steel. Aluminium and steel security screen frames that meet the Australian standards are manufactured to be resistant to corrosion as they have non-corrosive properties. Those that do not meet the standards may be prone to corrosion over time. Frames must be custom-made to fit your window accurately without leaving any gaps that could compromise on your security.

The screen's infill

The screen's infill can be in the form of stainless steel mesh, steel grilles and aluminium grilles. Stainless steel security window screens are made using steel or aluminium frames that are infilled with stainless steel mesh. They are ideal for persons who wish to enhance their security while getting an uninterrupted view of the outside. Steel and aluminium grilles are made of steel and aluminium bars respectively, which are used to reinforce the windows and prevent unwanted entry. Whichever infill is used, it should firmly lock within its framework to prevent withdrawal by a burglar.

Locking system

All security window screens should have a mechanism that enables opening the screens during emergencies. Most manufacturers incorporate internal unlocking systems into the security screens to allow a quick escape in case of an emergency such as a fire. Both mesh-style and bar or grille-style security screens should incorporate a reliable locking system that cannot be tampered with from the outside.

In addition to security, some manufacturers provide security window screens that offer protection against UV rays from the sun, which is an important feature especially during the summer.

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12 October 2015

Using mobile security technology

Mobile technology has made such a difference to our lives. It can be a valuable tool to help your business stay secure as well. This can be as simple as having a feed from your security cameras that goes directly to your phone or tablet, or as complex as having an application that measures the distance between your staff and their computer and automatically alerts them if someone is trying to log onto their computer while they are away from their desk. Using mobile technology to your advantage can be a great way to enhance your security at an affordable cost.