The Cat in the Flat: 3 Tips for Keeping a Kitty Healthy in an Apartment


Been told its cruel to keep a cat in a flat? Despite popular misconceptions, cats can actually be perfectly happily living in an apartment. However, you will need to take some extra precautions that house-dwellers escape. If you want your cat to keep its 9 lives, here are 3 tips to ensure your flat-cat remains in excellent health.

Windows Ever heard the phrase, 'curiosity killed the cat'? Never is this truer than in the case of high-rise syndrome. Cats naturally like high places for a variety of reasons -- from hunting advantages to increased warmth. Unfortunately, this affinity puts them in a dangerous position when it comes to windows. High-rise syndrome is a phenomenon which causes cats to fall from high windows. Depending on the height, these falls can be very dangerous. Reported injuries include bone fractures and organ trauma. Keeping your windows closed easily prevents your cat from falling. However, in the warmer weather, you may find the stuffy environment unbearable. Security screens for your windows could be the answer. While your high-rise flat is unlikely to be burgled, security screens have a second benefit -- keeping your cat safe. Mesh or narrow-barred screens are the perfect way to let fresh air in, and keep your cat out of the emergency room. 

Plants Living in a flat means sacrificing green yard space, so you may be tempted to bring the outdoors indoors with some green house plants. While bringing plants into your home has benefits for your health and décor, you may also be posing a threat to your cat. Many house plants are toxic to kitties, and the same goes for many fresh flower bouquets. The consequences of your cat sneaking a little taste of your foliage can range from minor stomach aches to unfortunate fatalities. The list of toxic house plants is vast, including everything from daffodils to ferns to aloe vera. Aside from familiarising yourself with these unsafe plants, make sure you note down the number of your local veterinarian. As Australia has no designated pet poison control helpline, you may need to contact your vet in a floral feast emergency.

Enrichment While cats can be happy living indoors, you will need to compensate for the outdoor entertainment. Cats need to spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising, but this movement can come in many forms. If you have a very independent cat on your hands, a cat tree will be a sound investment. These multi-platform towers offer cats plenty of opportunity to scratch and jump. If your kitty enjoys human interaction, toys like cat teasers and laser pointers can keep your furry friend entertained for hours.


29 January 2016

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