5 Signs Your Business Needs an Armed Guard


If you're hiring a security guard to patrol your business, house of worship or any other type of facility, you may want to consider an armed guard. Armed guards offer some definite advantages over unarmed guards. Wondering if that option is right for you? Here are five signs it is.

1. You Want a Guard With Extra Training

The gun laws are strict in Australia for regular citizens, and they can be even stricter for armed guards. When you hire a guard who is licensed to carry a gun, you can rest assured that individual has been through extensive training. That applies to both guard training and gun training.

That extra training and experience may be just want you need to really ensure your business is safe.

2. Your Business Is an a Very Dangerous Area

In spite of strict gun laws, some criminals are still able to get guns, and if your business is in an area where there are a lot of armed criminals, you may want to take the extra precaution of having an armed guard.

For example, gun crime is up in Melbourne, and police have actually seized five military-type or automatic weapons from criminals in this area recently. If you're hearing reports like this in your area, it may be a good idea to get an armed guard.

3. Your Business Is a Ranch

If you are hiring a guard for your ranch, you may especially want an armed guard. In these cases, your guard can protect your livestock from predators such as dingoes or foxes. Before taking this option, you have to check the exact laws in your area to see what the extermination policy is for predators who are worrying livestock.

4. You Want an Intimidating Guard

When dealing with potential human threats, intimidation can be a powerful tool. If a thief or vandal sees a guard carrying a gun, they may decide to not even attempt their crime. In contrast, if they see an unarmed guard, they may feel more emboldened.

Ideally, when you hire an armed guard, they won't ever have to draw their gun. Instead, its very presence should work as a deterrent.

5. You Don't Mind Paying Extra

Generally, to get the perks of an armed guard, you have to pay a bit more than you do for an unarmed guard. However, costs vary from company to company. Call for a quote today.


21 September 2017

Using mobile security technology

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