Options To Consider For Your Business Security System Upgrade


Security systems for businesses expand and grow in options often. There is new technology and new advancements for protecting your business and the information associated with it. If it has been several years since you had a security system installation or update, you may find more options than you expect. Here are some of the options to consider for your business security system installation and upgrades. 

Camera Upgrades

The first thing to consider for your security system upgrades deals with your cameras. You may think your cameras are suitable for your business. The truth is, if they are several years old then they may not be. For example, if you have someone break into the building and steal items or information from your systems, you want a clear image. The clearer the image, the easier for the authorities to use facial recognition. It also helps to identify the person if he or she is believed to be an employee. Make sure your camera is upgraded to current standards and you have at least one camera in the entrances and exits of your building. 

Secure Entrance Upgrades

If you have a keycard or keypad system, you may need to consider upgrading. There are many advancements in security systems dealing with entrances to the building. One of the upgrades many businesses use is a handprint system. This reduces the chances of a keycard being stolen and used to access the business. It also reduces the chances of an employee giving out the keycode to the doors. With a handpad scan, only the employee with that handprint can access the areas. 

Security Alarms

It may sound odd, but there are times when you want to have a silent alarm for your building. For example, you may have someone breaking into the building. If a loud alarm sounds, it could startle the intruder and cause more damage to the building if they decide to keep breaking in. With a silent alarm system, not only are you alerted, but so are the authorities or your security team. This means you can apprehend the person quickly and prevent loss or damage to your business, supplies, parts, and information. 

When you are ready to find out what upgrades are available for your security system, contact your area installation technician. They will inspect your current security system and business. After the inspection, they will discuss your options. Once you decide on the options you want for your business, the contractor will schedule a security systems installation date. If you have any questions, ask them during the consultation or inspection. 


27 July 2022

Using mobile security technology

Mobile technology has made such a difference to our lives. It can be a valuable tool to help your business stay secure as well. This can be as simple as having a feed from your security cameras that goes directly to your phone or tablet, or as complex as having an application that measures the distance between your staff and their computer and automatically alerts them if someone is trying to log onto their computer while they are away from their desk. Using mobile technology to your advantage can be a great way to enhance your security at an affordable cost.